Creative Lettering agenda: a 365 days project !

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Bonjour Happy Journals !

If you love agenda and creative lettering, this 365 Creative Lettering Agenda project is for you ! 

The concept is simple:

a short sentence or a word a day for a year in an agenda.

This project is perfect to practice Creative Lettering and to ensure a few minutes of journaling daily.

Step 1 - Chose your agenda

You can find many agenda on the market.

For this project, the ideal format is a weekly agenda (a week on a page). 

Below are my favorite ones:

Tuto 1 - Creative Lettering 2.jpg


Very thin creme paper but quite resistant including to watercolor.

The one on the photo is a 5 year agenda (instead of standard weekly).

Tuto 1 - Creative Lettering 3.jpg


Moleskine paper is my favorite: thin, creme, and resistant to about anything (except ink).

Tuto 1 - Creative Lettering 4.jpg


Creme paper.

This agenda is in two different  booklet (January to June - July to December). This format is ideal as it fits perfectly in a Travelers note book. 

Step 2 - Chose a theme for your project

You can use about anything as inspiration to find words to write.

  • Instagram is full of creative lettering challenges. I often refer to 2 accounts that keep track of most of creative challenges: @letteringchallenges and @letteringchalengeshq. 

  • Flow Magazine offers in its December issue a 365 days card with positive thinking and thoughts.. perfect for daily inspirations

  • Yogi Tea If you are a tea drinker, you will love the Yogi Tea brand. This is organic tea and each teabag has a positive thought on it’s label. You can save use them for your creative lettering project as well as keeping the label as collage elements in your other journals.

Tuto 1 - Creative Lettering 5.jpg
Tuto 1 - Creative Lettering 6.jpg

Step 3 - Pens

Any pen really works for this project though “soft” ones or "calligraphy" style pens may be more convenient: 

  • Sign Pen - Pentel

  • ZIG - Calligraphy

  • Tombow - Calligraphy Pen

  • Tombow - ABT dual brush

Tuto 1 - Creative Lettering 7.jpg
Tuto 1 - Creative Lettering 8.jpg

et voilà.....

If you have a "note page" on the right, you can use it to practice larger lettering

Creative Lettering 365.jpg