Industrial Lettering Tutorial

We love BIG letters !

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Hi Happy Journalers !

We love to use big letters as central element on our journal pages. One of my favorite style is the INDUSTRIAL DESIGN lettering.

Industrial Style letters are easy to create, they do not need to be precise and they add a “technical design” shade to your page!

Here is a step by step tutorial on how to create them.


Step 1 - Shape your letters

Industrial Lettering tutorial step 2.JPG

Outline letters on your page.

The idea is really just to define:

  • the position of your letters

  • size of your word.

Do not worry about details such as having straight lines.

Important note: Leave some spaces in between letters so that we can add volume to them in the next step.



Step 2 - Create some volume

Industrial Lettering tutorial step 1.JPG

With a RULER, trace the letters ON TOP of the ones you sketched in step 1.

Details to mind for are:

  • All letters should have the same height

  • Make all lines “double” so that letters can be filled in next step



Step 3 - Fill your letters


Fill the letters with small parallel lines. Do not worry about:

  • regularity of the lines

  • living some spaces between the letter edges and the lines



Step 4 - Add black area


Add some black marks in your letters in an irregular manner.

Use those black area to:

  • fill in spaces between your small lines and the letter themselves

  • cover area where lines are too irregulars or that you do not like



Step 5 - Add Construction lines


With a ruler, add some vertical and horizontal “construction” lines on each letter :

  • horizontal and vertical lines on the edge of your letters

  • plain lines

  • dotted lines

  • make some of the lines cross each other

This is the step that will give the "industrial" look.


Et voilà !

If you got inspired by this tutorial, I would love to see your journal page !

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Happy Journaling !