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Welcome to my hand made journals world !

One of my favorite thing in creating journals is to give Happy Journalers a one-of-a-kind journaling experience ! Each journal is unique. I want my journals to bring you joy and happy journaling times !

My hand made journals are created in junk journal style. The pages are mainly made of French vintage papers (ledger register, botanical old books, hand written letters, invoices,…) that I have been collecting over years. The oldest book I have is a ledger register from 1820 in cotton paper that is a pleasure to dye.

Each journal is made of pages of various sizes, some are hand dyed. It includes many pockets made from Kraft and translucent paper like glassine paper. Each paper has it’s own texture. Covers are made of fabrics like dyed vintage bed sheets, recycled tea bags.

I am using a very unique hand printing technique to reproduce vintage prints and photos on tea bags and fabric. This allow me to use very personal documents and have personalized unique journals. If you feel like gifting to yourself or loved one a personalized journal created with you own vintage photo and digital documents, I would be more than happy to create it for you !

My journals are available on custom order or on ETSY (limited stock).

'Love this art journal! The french papers inside are beautiful with lovely script and textures. love all of the pockets and tuck spots, as well as the sari silks and dyed papers. The cover is so unique and pretty! A work of art itself! '

- K. A., happy client from Etsy

Travelers Notebook yellow.jpg

Travelers Notebook

This is THE Japanese notebook system that you will never forget ! it has:

  • a flexible cover,

  • an elastic band or a string to close it

  • A system of elastics inside which enables to maintain severals notebooks of your choice (called “Inserts”) : diary, lined notebook, bullet journal, watercolor notebook, sketchbook, card and sleeve holder, travel diary

My travelers notebooks are colorful, fully hand-crafted with solid materials and carefully chosen fabrics. They can hold up to 4 inserts. I like to create covers with dyed vintage bed sheets, recycled tea bags and vintage hand writing prints.

Each traveler’s notebook comes with a vintage journal insert created with vintage papers in the same style then my vintage journals.

I offer commissioned travelers notebook created with you own photos, digital documents or even material to have a unique personalized journal.


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